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Gold on the cusp of a Significant Rally – Technically & Fundamentally

Gold on the cusp of a Significant Rally - Technically  Fundamentally

Gold on the cusp of a Significant Rally

I believe we are on the cusp of a significant gold rally.

The positioning of the Money Managers, or “Funds”, in the Gold futures market is at extremes that have typically led to massive rallies in Gold. They are usually net long, but as you can see from the table below, when their net long position is sufficiently low, it tends to lead to significant rallies in the price of Gold.

Gold on the cusp of a Significant Rally

Well, at 39k contracts on Tuesday last, this was one of their lowest net long positions since Jan 2017. It clearly indicates a high probability of a significant rally from here (and given the drop in price since then, they are likely even less long, perhaps even net short). We could see a rally of anywhere from 7% to 13% based on prior rallies. At the close of 1288 on Tues, this would mean a rally to somewhere between 1378 to 1455. Sounds good right? But we don’t have to rely on positioning alone for such a forecast.

Gold on the cusp of a Significant Rally

Sentiment is a great tool to gauge the direction of all markets, but it works especially well in Gold and Silver markets. It is also primarily a contrarian tool. By that I mean: when everyone is bullish, that is typically the best time to sell, and when everyone is bearish, the best time to buy. My preferred tool in this regard is the Daily Sentiment Index or “DSI”. It was the primary tool that enabled me to call the peaks and troughs in Gold over the past few years. It is showing extreme bearishness in Gold right now.

The DSI measures sentiment on a scale from 0 to 100, with anything below 20 indicating extreme bearish sentiment and anything above 80 indicating extreme bullish sentiment. As of Tuesday, it was showing one of its lowest readings since the bottom in Dec 2015—extremely bearish, similar to levels seen at the lows in the table above. This is counter-intuitively bullish for Gold and matches what positioning is telling us.

Technically, Gold is also oversold, with an RSI of 33. It is also displaying a positive divergence on its MACD Histogram, which is showing a higher low compared to the lower low in price. This can indicate a pending reversal of trend. Fibonacci supports levels are at 1288 and 1270, 61.8% and 76.4% of the rally from 1238 to 1369. We also have a daily trendline support level at 1270, and there is weekly trendline support below at 1245 also

Gold on the cusp of a Significant Rally

Gold also has a strong correlation with the Dollar Index. The DXY (or “Dixie” as its known) tends to move inversely to Gold. It has staged a strong rally off its low in Feb but is extreme overbought now with an RSI 70. It was also negatively divergent on its RSI and both MACDs at a higher high in price today. This does not mean it has peaked, but it does indicate that at least a short-term top is close. A move lower in the DXY would also support a rally in Gold.

The only caveat is that Large Speculators, or Funds, remain significantly short the dollar, long euros, and over the last 20 years, the DXY has seldom hit a peak in price under such conditions. But this time could indeed be different.

Gold on the cusp of a Significant Rally

In summary, based on positioning, sentiment, technicals, inter-market analysis, Elliott Wave Theory and similar readings prior to previous rallies, Gold is at or close to a low here that is likely to set off a rally to 1360 or higher in the coming weeks. 1270 is strong support. Ideally, I would like to see a positively divergent lower low in price below 1288 with a higher RSI, DSI, and/or MACDs to confirm the low is in place for the next big rally to begin.  – David Brady

3 Reasons the rout in Gold Prices may be over

Gina Heeb – After slumping over the past few months, some think gold prices may have hit a floor for this year.

Prices have fallen more than 5% since their April high and on Tuesday slipped below a key level $1,300 for the first time this year. Markets have been positioning for rising interest rates, which tend to move opposite of gold prices with regard to the opportunity cost of non-interest bearing assets.

But there are three reasons to think gold prices may have hit a near-term floor, according to Capital Economics analyst Simona Gambarini. Even following the recent dropoff, the firm is maintaining a price forecast of $1,300 per ounce for 2018.

1. Demand tends to be price-sensitive in emerging markets

Demand in India and China, two major gold consumers, has been relatively low this year. But as prices fall, specifically below the psychologically important level of $1,300 an ounce, demand could pick up since it tends to be elastic in emerging markets.

2. The dollar could fall versus the euro soon

The “trade-weighted” gold price, a measure of the value of gold based on major currency movements, suggests that dollar strength explains much of the recent weakness in gold prices.

And though the euro has fallen nearly 5% against the dollar over the past three months, Gambarini thinks that may have been due to “temporary” factors and that the two currencies may switch places soon.

“If we are right and those are reversed over the coming months, the dollar should also come off the boil, which could provide some support to the price of the yellow metal,” Gambarini said.

3. Demand for inflation hedges should support prices

Both inflation and expectations for rising prices have been steadily rising this year – personal-consumption expenditures hit the Federal Reserve’s target of 2% in March. And while the central bank is on track to raise rates at least three more times this year, inflation jitters could still drive investors to the ultimate safe haven asset that is gold.

“This, in turn, could feed through into higher demand for inflation hedges, like gold,” Gamborini said.

Screen Shot 2018 05 17 at 1.53.17 PM - 3 Reasons the rout in Gold Prices may be over

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